2012-12-31 GENERAL HOUSE

All roads lead to Rome

Some 40,000 young Europeans have arrived in Rome to take part in the Taizé European Meeting. They have been welcomed in our city, our districts, our churches, our communities.

During these days, each will have the opportunity of opening to others and coming to know other lands, languages and cultures… A chance to discover and live communion, in the paths of peace, trust and hope ; an occasion equally for prayer, singing, being silent, accepting…

Our General House is hosting  200 young people, mainly from East and Central Europe: Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Hungary, but also from France, Germany and… Italy !

We are happy to show these girls and boys the face of our congregation, a welcoming, smiling face open to youth, in sum a Marial face !


Three Indian Marist communities...


Blessed are the peacemakers...