2011-07-06 AUSTRALIA

AMS Ltd desk at MAPS launched on Champagnat Day in Brisbane

Australian Marist Solidarity Ltd now has a desk within Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity (MAPS) in Brisbane. MAPS is the national office of the Marist Brothers for international aid, development and other solidarity roles such as school resources, immersions, volunteers and logistics. MAPS stemmed out of the two Province offices and now is a national office serving all offshore Marist projects in 14 Asia and Pacific countries and the schools of MSA across the country.

After following a process of several years, it is anticipated that the formal recognition of Australian Marist Solidarity Ltd as a non-profit organization by meeting the requirements of AusAid and the Australian Taxation Office, is close to finalization. Thus the new AMS Ltd desk commenced operation on June 6, 2011.

The AMS board approved the desk being set up by Ben Lakos who has been an AYAD volunteer in Baucau, East Timor for a year working to transfer skills of management to a local Timorese initiative called Ponta Leste. MAPS has partnered with Ponta Leste in 2011 to provide financial resources for programmes across computer skills, sports teams, Tetum and English language. A large group of young Timorse volunteers support all the programmes for over 200 young people who are connected into a small centre near the Marist Teachers College in Baucau.

This is a significant moment for MAPS after years of waiting; a significant day as well to enhance our work with young people on the margins of life in the Asia Pacific region in the tradition of St Marcellin.

MSA Newsletter – 21 June 2011


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