2009-09-04 GENERAL HOUSE

An expansion of information

The information service offered by the Direction of Communications for the duration of the General Chapter will extend in various directions. First, the web page will provide a daily chronicle of what is happening in the chapter hall, with corresponding photographic accompaniment. This information will be completed by the editing and publishing of a two minute daily video reflecting the events in the life of the Chapter. The MN service, which at present is reaching our readers each Thursday, will redouble its coverage in news which will be sent every Tuesday and Friday, in principle with the same number of pages to which we are accustomed.

The web page presents, on the first page, a new entrance, which leads to the area dedicated to the Chapter, where one can read the news of the day and, in addition, a row of arrows referring to the subsections contained in this area. The contents of the chapter page have been restructured to include them in a more coherent structure, thus facilitating location. New items introduced on this page are a history of the General Chapters, photographs and names of the General Councils coming from each Chapter, and a reference to the Popes in office when each Chapter was held.

During the Chapter, Brothers Felíu Martín and Toni Torrelles will shoot sequences of the most significant moments in the Chapter, and put together, at the end of the Chapter sessions, a video of about 30 minutes duration giving a record of them.


In her arms or in her heart...


The hidden way of interior preparation...