2008-10-17 CANADA

An initiative of brothers on retreat

From the 23rd to the 28th of this past September, Br. Paul-André Lavoie presented a Marial exposition organized at the General House of the Sisters of Good Council of Chicoutimi. The public had been informed of this exposition, thus explaining the impressive number of visitors coming from the different parishes of the diocese.

The room available to us was sufficiently large so that we were able to comfortably display and show off to advantage all of the material which we had brought from Château-Richer.

We were particularly appreciative of the presence of two distinguished visitors: Mgr André Rivest, bishop of the diocese, and Mgr Jean-Guy Couture, bishop emeritus.

Religious of the diocese were holding their annual meting at Bon-Conseil on the 27th of September. This was an excellent occasion, then, for all of the participants to be able to visit the different stands of our expositions. Thanks to the publicity in the local newspapers, the visitors were very numerous, particularly on Sunday.

Among the many testimonies that the visitors shared in the GOLDEN BOOK, we are taking the liberty of letting you know some of them.

I fervently admired this collection on Mary. Inspired by her, I recited the great litany of the Virgin. What a wonderful initiative all to the honor of Mary! Lucille Bergeron, scim.
This exposition makes one pray. It?s marvelous. Mary, our Patron, smiles on us and blesses us. A magnificent Marial ministry! S. Ernestine.
Congratulations! This is marvelous. I leave this exposition in a state of prayer and conversion. S. Marguerite.
What a magnificent exposition presented by the Marist Brothers of whom I am a former student from St-FĂ©licien! The nature of this initiative is to make the Virgin Mary loved. Robert Lavoie, ptre.
After the visit to the exposition, a group of ?Antoniennes? wrote this new invocation: Our Lady of Everywhere, pray for us.
Thank you for having welcomed us. The explanations that you have given allow us to know better Mary and her greatness. We were a group of the ?Movement of Christian Women.? We thank you. Henriette Tremblay.
Thank you for making your Marist spirituality come alive for us. I stand in admiration before so many superb elements of this exposition! You have created a place of contemplation and spiritual renewal. Congratulations! Omer DeschĂŞnes
An exceptional Marial exposition, what a beautiful sign of veneration toward the most perfect of creatures who leads us to Christ. Jean-Camille BĂ©langer, ptre.
Thank you. We?ve lived in another world for a few hours, thanks to you! Raymond Potvin and Ginette Bouchard
May Mary be more loved thanks to the Marist Brothers. Thank you also for letting us know your Congregation and particularly your many martyr saints. May God be praised for the magnificent work of evangelization. Thank you for coming to our home at Bon Conseil.

Together we thank the Lord and Mary for the work done by our Institutes in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Violette Gravel, ndbc.

The one responsible for this exposition, Br. Paul-André Lavoie, then went to Drummondville to present another Marial exposition there.

Br. Laurent Potvin
Château-Richer, 2 October 2008


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