2020-03-17 GENERAL HOUSE

An overview of the Initial Formation in the Institute

During the meeting of Provincials and Superior of District, the Secretariat of Brothers Today presented an overview regarding initial formation throughout the Institute. A global view and a regional picture can be seen here down.

Please note that the figures are the numbers as of March 4, 2020; they could be higher, and they could change in the next few days.  Also, the numbers refer to where the formands are at the moment, not necessarily from which country or region they come.  For example, the Province of Hermitage has 1 novice who is now in Medellin (Arco Norte); East Asia has 1 novice who is now in Fiji (Oceania); and the scholastics of Oceania are in the Philippines (Asia).  In addition, there are administrative units that do not have established houses for the aspirancy stage. There are aspirants who are attached to certain communities and some of them may not have been included in the count.


General view – Initial formation in the Marist Institute


View of the Initial formation by Region


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