2019-07-26 EL SALVADOR

Animate, promote and accompany

The animators of the fraternities of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family (CMMF) of El Salvador participated, on July 21, in a workshop organized by the Lay Commission of the Province, in Santa Tecla.

The meeting revolved around the following themes: the challenges of a "Church on the way out", a "new beginning" for the Institute, the "process of updating the Champagnat Movement" and the "adequate methodology" used to deepen the new Project of life in brotherhood.

The workshop underlined the importance of the work of the animator, his mission and his accompaniment of each member of the fraternity.

The meeting allowed the participants to look with optimism at the proposal of the new Project of Life of the CMMF, seen as a great collective identity that invites its members to live it and to share it. This proposal has its roots in the Gospel and in the intentions of Saint Marcellin and the first Brothers.

As lay Marists, the challenge remained to contribute to institutional renewal, to continue to grow with lay maturity, to strengthen communion with the Institute of the Brothers, to invest more in the formation of the members of the fraternities, and to make the more than 400 members of the Champagnat Movement the hopeful future of the Province of Central America.


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