2013-09-25 FRANCE

Animation, government and administration

On Monday, 23 September, continuing with the presentation of projects, Br Oscar Martín Vicario, Provincial of Compostela, presented the programme for the day after morning prayer.

Br Josep Maria Soteras, C. G. gave the initial presentation on the subject of new forms of government , considering the present and future situation of the Institute. Then, Br João Carlos do Prado, director of the Secretariat of Mission, developed this theme, starting with its previous history. He explained the concepts of animation, government and administration, described the processes used up to the holding of the 21st General Chapter, and indicated the principles which define a Marist model of animation, government and administration. At the same time, he pointed out the new scenarios: the brothers, their vocation and mission; brothers and laity; the evangelization of poor children and youth; the works being carried out and the works wanted and the vitality of religious life; internationality, solidarity and the  sustainability of the Institute.

He offered two questions for consideration by the groups: What initiatives have been implemented in the Province or District/Region? What have been the things that helped and what have been the difficulties encountered?

After the reflection in groups and a short break, Br João continued the reflection, presenting a synthetic vision of the current state of the Institute, in order to look to the future, with its challenges and threats, so as to arrive at the introduction of the models which are best suited to each situation. He was working with an International Commission and a professional company which will help with the introduction of the project of new forms of government.

Finally the groups proceeded to clarifying the project and making suggestions. Each table then presented to the assembly the findings of the group: positive aspects, concerns, suggestions and fears.

Br Ernesto Sánchez, C. G. gave some brief information about the coming Beatifications of the Marist Martyrs in Tarragona, to be held on 13 October.

In the afternoon, Br Chris Wills, director of the Secretariat of Collaboration for Mission International, presented guidelines for making the on-line evaluation of the General Government plan for 2009-2017. The rest of the afternoon was left to the participants to carry out this evaluation.

At the evening Eucharist, inspired by the Word of God, the participants made use of two symbols: building with tiles, so as to be builders of the Church and the Institute, and light, in order to be light for others. 


It was a day to remember!...


A new religious culture...