2022-05-07 SPAIN

Another Look, a podcast for a believing reading of reality

The School of Spirituality of the Iberian Province presents the new monthly podcast program “Another Look” It is a project that was born to serve the Marist community and anyone who wants to share this space with us, to position themselves as Christians in the face of reality.

This podcast program aims to associate actuality, formation, and spirituality. Because living animated by the Spirit means being open to the action of the God of Jesus in daily life, intuiting his presence in the events of history, and learning to look at it through the eyes of faith.

Therefore, we want to create a space for reflection and listening, to talk about current issues that concern us. We want to perceive reality with different eyes, to perceive the look that we often miss in this complex, accelerated, and noisy world. We want our gaze to be slow, calm, critical, compassionate, and constructive; a believing gaze that helps us to situate ourselves and to know how to respond to it.

The first podcast was published at the beginning of May, with the collaboration of Joseba Louzao, who helps us to understand the key to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to situate ourselves in all this from a believing vision of reality.

The program can be accessed through the following platforms:


Behind these podcasts are the people who make up the team of the School of Spirituality of the Iberian province, but also a whole network of regular collaborators, good, competent, and generous people, who will accompany us and help us in this adventure. From now on, if you want, you have an appointment every month with “Another Look”, a podcast of restless people for a believing reading of reality.


Ángel Fernández, Spirituality School of the Iberian Province


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