2020-09-23 UNITED STATES

Arco Norte Lay Marist Formation Team point out the goals

The regional planning committee of the region of Arco Norte have identified seven objectives to look at the theme of Lay Marist Formation in the region. The goals were developed after the meeting held on held on June 30, in which more than 30 lay Marists and Brothers gathered from the six Provinces of Arco Norte, through videoconferencing.

In a letter sent to all the Marists of Champagnat, Br. Albert M. Rivera (USA) describe the process that Region Arco Norte have undertaken in the area of Lay Marist formation.

  1. To strengthen our identity as a region through collaborative efforts in the area of lay formation that solidifies the vocational call of men and women to live the Marist Charism and Spirit.
  2. To recognize ourselves as mentors of this vocational path for Lay Marists within each province and the region.
  3. To understand the Plan of Action as developed by Secretariat of Laity that is in connection with the strategic plan of the General Administration as well as understand the strategic plan for the region and the steps that have been taken as a region.
  4. To understand the reality of each provinceregarding the formation of Marist laity. (Sharing of best practices and resources) and to gain a better understanding of the Champagnat Family Movement, the Association of Laity of Canada and other lay formation programs around the institute.
  5. To reflect and identify strategies for promoting, training, and accompanying the region through a S.W.O.T analysis 
  6. To develop a simple plan of action for the regionor at least a plan for the next two-years to be presented to the Provincials of the Region.
  7. To name and establish a committeethat can follow up on the proposed action plan.

The Gathering of Regional Formators takes place every three weeks and is led by members of the planning team. A Directory, by Province, has been put together so that the region can meet the delegates and get a sense of who they are and the skills they bring to this important task of lay formation and strengthen our understanding of being in communion as Marists of Champagnat (see it here: https://bit.ly/3iVEFFr).


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