2023-06-28 MEXICO

Arco Norte presents the projects and processes of the laity for the Region

On June 21, 2023, the laity animation team for the Arco Norte Region, together with the extended teams that have been formed to dynamize the strategic plan 2022-2024, presented to the Brother Superiors of the 6 Administrative Units the projects and processes that will make reality what was approved for the animation of the Marist laity in Arco Norte by the regional Assembly held in Guatemala City last February.

Br. Rodrigo Espinoza, executive secretary of the Arco Norte region, Mr. Raúl Amaya, director of the Secretariat of the Laity, and the Brothers Provincial, accompanied the meeting: Br. Luis Felipe González, F.M.S (Mexico central) Luis Enrique Rodríguez, F.M.S (Mexico Occidental), Br. Hipólito Pérez, F.M.S (Central America), Br. Orlando Escobar, F.M.S (Norandina) and Br. Gaston Robert, District Superior of the District of Canada, F.M.S.

The projects and the people who will lead them will be.

  1. Organization and identity of the Marist laity Arco Norte: Claudia Rojas C. (Norandina and coordinator of the laity for the Arco Norte region and accompanier of the various teams), Fernando Castro (Canada), Maureen Hagan (U.S.A.), Pedro Chinchilla (Mexico Central), Alfredo RodrĂ­guez (Mexico occidental) and Ana Isabel SaborĂ­o (Central America).
  2. Lay formation: Maureen Hagan (coordinates the team), Azucena Ríos (Canada), Abigail Ruíz (Mexico Occidental), Beatriz Coronado (Mexico central), Marcos Mercado (Central America) and Moisés Beltrán Norandina).
  3. Formation of Lay Community Animators:  Ana Isabel SaborĂ­o (coordinates the team), Edith VillalĂłn (Canada), Freddy RodrĂ­guez (Mexico occidental), Bibiana EnrĂ­quez (Mexico Central) and Ivanna GarzĂłn (Norandina)
  4. Formation of lay vocational accompaniers: Pedro Chinchilla (coordinates the team), Br. Guilles Lacasse (Canada), Flora MartĂ­nez (Mexico Occidental), NohemĂ­ Pinto (Central America), Constanza Rojas and Marianita Moreno (Norandina).   

We thank the Lord for the life of these Marists of Champagnat who are making the construction of a global charismatic family a reality and we ask Mary, Our Good Mother to be the one who continues to do everything among us.


Claudia A. Rojas Carvajal – Marist Laity Arco Norte                           


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