2014-03-03 GENERAL HOUSE

Are you a Marist too?

On February 20, the brothers and laity of the General Administration held their third meeting in preparation for the Marist International Mission Assembly, which will take place in Nairobi next September.

The meeting focused on the topic of vocation. Brothers Miguel Ángel Espinosa and Tony Leon implemented some group dynamics techniques to help us become more aware of our personal history, of the answers we have given throughout our lives, which eventually brought us together in the General House in 2014, as we get ready for the Mission Assembly in Nairobi.

We also reflected on what are the pillars that support and motivate our lives, which drive us to say yes or no as an answer, and orient our path in life. And finally, we reflected about the contribution that each of us can make so as to actualize Marcellin Champagnat’s ideal as we walk together through the Marist pathway.


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