2005-06-02 SPAIN

At the service of vitality and mission

The International Council for Economic Affairs (ICEA) held its annual meeting in Lardero, La Rioja, Spain from the 23rd to the 28th May. The objective was to take the economic pulse of the General Administration and to offer the Econome General some lines of action for his management of finances. An analysis was made of the General Administration budget for 2005 and the 2004 Financial Report. The ICEA gave special attention to the system of financing the General Administration and the origins and destinations of the 20th General Chapter?s Solidarity Fund and the Institute?s Formation Fund.
Also during this week, a meeting was held with the five Brothers Provincial from Marist Europe. This provided the opportunity for each Provincial to share the economic reality of his Province with all the others present at the meeting. As well, we were able to analyse the challenges that are presented by the current reality, within the framework of the process of the restructuring of the Provinces and the challenges inherent in the call for the discernment of the Use of our Evangelical Goods.
This intense work agenda did not prevent us from finding a small amount of time to admire the cultural richness of La Rioja, artistic as well as gastronomic, organised in a well-balanced way by the host Provincial Econome.


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