Book Structure: In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat

Marist Educational Mission

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The Institute is presenting a document that upholds the foundational insights of the 1998 text while also addressing contemporary realities, proposals, and orientations. Embracing a holistic perspective, this document distinctly incorporates the voices of various stakeholders, mission domains, thematic contents, values, and educational and evangelizing initiatives that resonate with the current dynamics of the Marist community. It serves as a catalyst for Marists to “look beyond” in their mission journey, fostering a belief in a future brimming with hope and opportunities. Above all, it instills a collective commitment among all Marists to keep alive the visionary legacy of St. Marcellin Champagnat, remaining ever present within each individual’s heart.This new edition, of ÔÇśFootstepsÔÇÖ seeks to rekindle our affinity with our mission as Marists and to encourage our dedicated presence among todayÔÇÖs younger generation.


The document is structured in three parts:

Part One
Introduces us to the person of Marcellin, inspiring us as Marists to cultivate a deeper sense of co-responsibility for our mission.

  • Chapter 1 In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat
  • Chapter 2 Marists in mission in the Church and in the world

Part Two
Outlines our vision of educating children and young people, with special attention to the most disadvantaged, our commitment to evangelizing through education and our distinctive Marist educational style.

  • Chapter 3 Present among children and young people, especially those least favoured
  • Chapter 4 We are sowers of the Good News
  • Chapter 5 With a distinctive Marist style

Part Three
Focuses on the work we undertake in our diverse educational ministries.

  • Chapter 6 Our Marist educational ministries


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