2021-05-01 GENERAL HOUSE

Br Cyprian Bankakuu Gandeebo appointed Provincial of the new Province of West Africa

On 19 April, Br Ernesto Sanchez and the General Council appointed Br Cyprian Bankakuu Gandeebo as the first Provincial of West Africa for a period of three years, starting on 9 August, which coincides with the beginning of the Provincial Chapter. This date marks the change from District to Province following a decision announced on 21 November 2020.

Before Brother Cyprian’s appointment, a survey was carried out among the Brothers of the District and the Provincial Council of Mediterránea, which was involved in the process of setting up the new Province. 

In the letter sent to the Brothers, Brother Ernesto, Superior General, thanked Brother Cyprian for his service as District Superior during the last three years and also thanked him for having accepted to be Provincial of the new Province: “It fills us with enthusiasm and hope to be able to count on your energy, availability and dedication”, said Brother Ernesto.

In the same letter, the Superior General also thanked the Province of Mediterránea and its various Provincials and Brothers who have accompanied the District, which is part of the Province: “We thank this Province for its attention and accompaniment of the development and growth of the District up to the present time when it is beginning as a Province”, emphasised the Superior General. 

The District of West Africa is made up of Cameroon, Chad, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Liberia. The District house is in Accra, Ghana.

Br. Cyprian Bankakuu Gandeebo

Br. Cyprian was born in Jirapa, Ghana, and is the eldest of eight children. He entered the postulancy in Orlu (Nigeria) and then made his novitiate in Kumasi (Ghana). After making his first profession in 1997, at the age of 36, he went to Nairobi for his scholasticate formation.

In 2000, he returned to Ghana and was appointed bursar of Marist Preparatory School. In 2001 he started working at St Marcellin Champagnat School. In the same year he was put in charge of vocation promotion. In 2007, he worked as formator at the Marist International Novitiate in Kumasi. A year later, in 2008, he was assigned to the Marist International Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

In 2018, Br Cyprian was appointed the new District Superior of the District of West Africa for a period of three years, a position he will hold until the middle of this year, 2021, when he will take up his new mandate as Provincial.


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