2020-07-14 GENERAL HOUSE

Br. Ernesto, Superior General, speaks about the Plenary Session of the General Council

Since March, the two communities at the General House have been in lockdown, but the atmosphere has been fraternal and creative. All members of the General Council have been home in Rome, and during the month of June, we held four weeks of plenary sessions.

We spent time reflecting, starting from what each of us has been feeling and learning, and discussing what we have been hearing from the Provinces and Districts. We believe that this is a time when there are probably more questions than answers. It is important to make room for discernment, without any pretence of wanting to resolve everything immediately. We have asked ourselves: How is this experience affecting the service of leadership and government of the General Council (and of the General Administration)? What does it mean for our accompaniment of the Administrative Units in the coming months? What is our role in this new situation? What areas of the Institute need more attention? What aspects of the Strategic Plan have been impacted and what should we be giving greater focus to in the future? What does prophetic and servant leadership mean for us in this new context?

We have discussed these points as a Council and with the various Secretariats. We tried to do it in an atmosphere of prayer and discernment, convinced that this is not our work, but the work of God and Mary. This reflection is ongoing, and we will come back to it during the next plenary session in September. By October, we should be able to share the main points that we envision for our leadership in the coming years, hoping that the various situations of the pandemic will have become clearer by then.

Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General – Letter to the Provincials – 7 July 2020


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