2020-08-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Br. João Carlos do Prado: lessons and challenges during the pandemic

The General Councillor, Brother João Carlos do Prado, shares with the whole Institute some reflections that have led him to this period of time characterised by the presence of COVID-19. Among the lessons learned, he emphasizes that it has been an opportunity to discover the need to “take care of life in all its dimensions. For him this means “being able to let go of many things, which were previously priorities, in order to focus on what is  essential”.

For Marist life, Brother João, in the animation of the Institute since 2017, underlines that this has been an opportune moment to reflect on “what is the meaning of our existence as a Marist Institute”. Taking advantage of the situation in ancient Rome, he says that if “we are not creative enough to be connected and sensitive to the reality of today’s world, especially the reality of children and young people, especially in the contexts of greatest vulnerability to poverty, we are destined to become a museum like the Appian Way.

Watch the video below. Choose, from the YouTube settings, the subtitle you prefer, in one of the 4 languages of the Institute.


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