2021-02-15 MEXICO

Br. Luis Enrique Rodríguez Santana, new Provincial of Mexico Occidental

The General Council, after having studied the results of the survey carried out in the Province, has appointed Br Luis Enrique Rodríguez Santana as Provincial of Mexico Occidental for a first period of three years. Br Luis Enrique will replace Br Miguel Ángel Santos Villarreal, Provincial since 2015. He will begin his mandate with the celebration of the Provincial Chapter, scheduled for 18-20 July 2021.

In a letter addressed to the Brothers of the Province on February 8, 2021, Br Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, thanked Br Miguel Ángel, the current Provincial, for the work he has done: “You have lived your leadership with an attitude of availability and listening, always open to dealing with matters coming up in both Mexico and Haiti, especially in these difficult times”.

At the same time, Br Ernesto thanked Br Luis Enrique for his generosity. And he underlined: “your closeness to the people, your ability to listen and to be a team player, your experience in formation and vocation ministry, the years you have lived in Haiti, as well as your participation as delegate at the XXII General Chapter will be of great help to you”.

Br. Luis Enrique Rodríguez Santana

Born on 2 July 1965, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Son of Salvador and Baudelia, he is the 14th of 16 siblings.

He began his Marist formation in the juniorate in Tepatitlán, in 1978. He did the 2nd and 3rd years of his Juniorate in Loma Bonita, in Guadalajara. He also did his first year of Postulancy there. He did the other two years in Querétaro, while he was studying at the teacher training school. He did his Novitiate in Morelia and the Scholasticate in Querétaro and made his first religious profession on 6 July 1986.

Luiz Enrique has a degree in Psychology.

He began his work as a Marist Brother in the community of Nuevo Laredo. Later he moved to the city of Aguascalientes. “I had the good fortune to begin my apostolate in two communities with excellent Brothers. It was here, in Aguascalientes, that I made my definitive consecration on 20 July 1992.”

The third community where he lived was in Mexicali. Here he worked in a school for children from humble families, three years as a teacher and six as director.

After nine years in Mexicali, he was asked to join the Vocation Ministry Commission, where he worked for eight years. During this time, he lived for three years in the Provincial House, for four years stayed with the young Brothers of the Scholasticate, and spent one year in the insertion community of Villa de Guadalupe.

From 2010 to 2019 he was on mission in Haiti, firstly in Jéremie and for the last five years in the city of Okay, where he shared his life in the formation of the young postulants who were interested in following in Marcellin’s footsteps as Marist Brothers. “Here Life goes on and our God who is Love is who makes Life sing”.

On his return to Mexico, he returned to being on the formation team in the Postulancy and Scholasticate of Guadalajara, and at present, he is leader of the Postulancy community in Morelia.


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