2022-03-27 GENERAL HOUSE

Br. Máximo Blanco tells his experience at the General Conference

Br. Máximo Blanco Morán – Europe Region
General Conference

The image of Marcellin climbing to the top of the mountain and looking at where to put the mother house of the Marist congregation accompanied and helped me throughout the Conference. Before arriving there and pointing out to the brothers “it will be there, next to the Gier”, he had to do a search for places and had to say: “I want to go beyond La Valla”. Several times I have asked myself if Marcellin had stopped before the construction of the Hermitage, if he had stopped without doing anything… In that case, perhaps the life that the Marist charism has given to the world and to the Church would not have flourished. In my heart I thanked him for his audacity and determination, his desire to “complicate” his life. I have visualized myself, faced with my decisions and I have been encouraged to go further.

I have felt during the days of the General Conference that we, as Marist of Champagnat, have to be more a global family and walk in communion as a Marist region and, at the same time, take care of the local, our own Province and each place where we are. I feel that life is played out at the local level, in the enthusiasm of each brother and lay marist person. Being Marist helps people to have a fuller and happier life. Each enthusiastic person will be a spotlight that radiates light, each community and house a home of light.

Being significant in our places

I leave the General Conference with a sensitive view of many aspects of Marist life and mission that have been presented to me and that we have discussed, and at the same time with a prophetic look at being significant in our places. I recognize the richness that we are and that we have, and I believe we should offer it to the world: fraternity, Marian sensitivity, knowing how to be with children and young people, Marist spirituality, simplicity. There is so much value in being Marist, opening our doors so that other people can come and know us, that we can go out and proclaiming it to everybody.

I feel that my service as a leader is challenging, but I am excited to make the journey with others and I know that, listening to the good people around me, I will do better.

Let’s see together where we will put the energy and strength we have. I believe that dreams that are built together are better.

Br. Máximo Blanco Morán – Provincial of Compostela


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