2020-08-07 COLOMBIA

Br. Orlando Escobar appointed Provincial of Norandina

On June 29, the General Council appointed Bother Orlando Escobar as Provincial of Norandina for a first term of three years.

Brother Orlando – who will replace Brother CĂ©sar Augusto Rojas Carvajal, will commence his mandate with the celebration of the Provincial Chapter, which will take place from 10 to 13 December this year.

In his letter to the Brothers of Norandina, Brother Ernesto, Superior General, thanked Brother CĂ©sar Augusto for his service as Provincial and welcomed Brother Orlando.

For his part, Brother CĂ©sar, Provincial since 2014, said that this new service “which the Institute has asked of Brother Orlando, should be accompanied by our welcome and total availability to continue building together the sense of unity and provincial mission in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela”.

Br. Orlando Escobar

Br. Orlando was born on 1 May 1968 in the municipality of TimbĂ­o, in the department of Cauca, Colombia. He finished his primary studies in the rural mixed school San Cayetano and his secondary studies in the mixed school Carlos Alban, and graduated in June 1986. A year later, he did his military service from August 3, 1986 to July 28, 1987.

Brother Orlando entered the Marist Postulancy on July 14, 1989, and entered the Novitiate on January 10, 1990.  Brother made his first religious profession on December 8, 1991 at MedellĂ­n, when Brother NĂ©stor Quiceno Escobar was Provincial. Five years later, on January 10, 1996, he made his perpetual profession in Cali, at the Villa Rosey Estate, when Brother Eduardo Botero Arango was Provincial.  And in 2002 he made his second novitiate in El Escorial, Spain.

Orlando is a graduate of the Pontifical Bolivarian University of MedellĂ­n (December 1996).

As part of the Norandina Province, Brother Orlando has been Provincial Councillor and Provincial Delegate for Colombia for two terms: from 2015 to 2017 and from 2018 to 2020.

Appointed Provincial of Norandina on June 29, 2020, Br. Orlando will begin his term in December 2020.


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