2020-07-18 GENERAL HOUSE

Br. Óscar Martín: “won’t we have to unlearn some of our reassurances?

Brother Óscar Martín Vicario, General Councillor, shares with the Marist family some reflections in relation to this time of Pandemic.

His reflection is based above all on the need to take advantage of the situation caused by the COVID-19 to unlearn, given that unlearning allows us to make changes: “I would like us to at least unlearn some things (…) Will we be able to unlearn individualism? To unlearn something of our activism”, he asks us.

Brother Óscar also invites us to use this moment of pandemics to reflect on the journey of the Marist Institute: “We also think: and so now the Institute, what? (?) Something that comes to mind is the experience that we have all felt, me at least, of fear, of vulnerability of fragility Don’t we as an institute also have to unlearn some of our certainties, our untouchable plans, our business formats and recover the vulnerable?

You can see here the video in Spanish  (Youtube | Facebook) , with the subtitles available in the other 3 languages of the Institute.


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