2020-10-27 GENERAL HOUSE

Br. Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa speaks about the pandemic in our lives

Brother Sylvain, General Councillor of the Marist Institute, shares with the Marists of Champagnat his reflection on life at this particular time of crisis caused by the pandemic. Br. Sylvain seeks to answer the question “how can we live in this situation”, “how do we welcome, interpret this reality” and notes that we have learned that we are “limited, but God is limitless”. This is what makes us put our trust in God: “Now I know but limitation and God alone is without limit, everything depends on him”.

In the video bellow, Br. Sylvain speaks in French, but subtitles are avaliable in English. If they do not appear, turn on the option in YouTube’s settings.


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