2018-12-02 BRAZIL

Brasil Centro-Sul

Between the 8th and 14th of November 2018, the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul received a visit from the General Councillors, Brothers Óscar Martin Vicar and Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa.   

The Marist Institute has gradually advanced in the development of its strategic plan and in the configuration of the service of animation and support for its activities, areas and secretariats for the Provinces and Regions.

Following this process, style of animation and government, the General Councillors came to share with the Brothers, Lay people, Administrators and Co – workers of the Province, the new institutional guidelines on administration of goods and governmental models.  

 Brother Bené Oliveira, Provincial Superior, pointed out that the presence of the General Councillors was an opportunity to encourage us in the joys and challenges of our life, our faith, our vocation and our mission.  

Brothers Óscar and Sylvain met with the Provincial Superior, the provincial council, leaders of the Marist Group, leaders of the Province (Identity and Mission, Economy, Consecrated Life, Networks of Marist Schools, Networks of Marist Solidarity, etc.) and they also visited the Brothers' communities.  

On the 8th of November, the General Councillors spent some time with the collaborators of the Province. On this occasion, Brother Óscar commented that the Marist Institute has a policy on how we should continue with a view to the sustainability of the mission. It is "important that we have constant discernment, prophetic leadership service, transparent, simple, effective and flexible structures", he explained. He also believes that it is necessary to give answers to the calls of the marginalised; to encourage inclusion and promote the Marist Institute as a global charismatic family.  

In his speech, Brother Sylvain discussed the calls of the XXII General Chapter on the theme of leadership of service. In one of the topics he reinforced the need for a greater co-responsibility  among the Brothers and the Lay people to give continuity to the dream of Marcellin Champagnat.  

Provincial Assembly  

To take advantage of the presence of the General Councillors, the Provincial Council decided to bring forward  the celebration of the Provincial Assembly of the PMBCS for Saturday, November 10, in the Marist Marcellin Champagnat Centre, in Curitiba. In this way the Councillors had a special opportunity to spend time with the Brothers of the Province, to bring them up to date with the situation and vision of the Institute, and to present the General Government's strategic plan. Among the rules debated in the Assembly was that of the juridical installation of the Province as a Religious Organisation, which demanded deliberation and dialogue.  

In the course of the Assembly, preparation took place for the Eucharistic Celebration of the Jubilees in Religious Life of Brothers Alfredo Moretti, Avelino Spada, Hildo José Ariotti, Virgilio Joshua Balestro, Antonio Nicolau Esmantista, Ilario Caresia, Ivo Antonio Strobino, Pedro Danilo Trainotti, Joaquim Sperandio and Cezar Cavanus. The Brothers celebrated the Jubilees in an atmosphere of faith and prayer, acknowledging the fidelity and dedication of the Brothers in the evangelising of children and young people, in the style of Mary, showing them that God also loves them.   


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