2023-01-27 BRAZIL

Brasil Centro-Sul carries out a solidarity missionary initiative in Guaraqueçaba

More than thirty students from the Marist schools of Santa Maria, Paranaense and Anjo da Guarda of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul took part, from January 17-20, in the traditional Marist Solidarity Mission which this year took place in Guaraqueçaba. The project is part of the provincial program of Marist Volunteers, promoting the development of socio-educational activities with the children and young people of a chosen place, during this vacation period in the country.

The students made visits to the communities of Guaraqueçaba, activities with children and young people. They also actively participated in the revitalization of a space that has become a park with toys for children thanks to donations collected by the students.

For Bruno Socher, head of the Province’s Identity, Mission and Vocation office, the project, which was not carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic and resumed this year, aims to educate in solidarity. “I believe that understanding the context in which we are inserted and carrying out a volunteer activity that has benefit improvement within a community brings unique and very valuable experiences for everyone”, he said.

Speaking of the Marist presence in Guaraqueçaba, where there is a Social School called “Unidade Ir. Panin”, Ana Karla Alves, pedagogical coordinator of the educational center, said: “Our projects try to empower people and create social protagonism, as well as to promote the participation of the family and the whole community, which is why the Solidarity Mission is so important”.

The Province of Brasil Centro-Sul believes that volunteering meets the desires of the Marist ideal, making possible the establishment of a more just, humane and fraternal society.

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