2024-06-25 BRAZIL

Brasil Centro-Sul promotes Prophetic and Servant Leadership Inspired by Brother Francisco

Brother Francisco Rivat, the first Superior of the Marist Institute, was the inspiration behind the fifth and final module of the Course on Prophetic and Servant Leadership promoted by the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul, which took place from June 18 to 19 in Campina Grande do Sul. The training, aimed at managers of the Marist Group and the Religious Organization, was attended by 50 participants.

Brother BenĂŞ Oliveira, Provincial Superior, emphasized the importance of Brother François for the Institute. Mauricio Zanforlin, Superintendent of Grupo Marista, emphasized on other hand, how this module strengthens Marist identity: “Studying Brother François, who made it possible to advance rules, brought a leadership project into the Institute. These are inspirations for us to continue in our mission”.

The Prophetic and Servant Leadership Course was inspired by the book “Marist Voices: Essays on Servant and Prophetic Leadership” and is carried out in harmony with the Strategic Planning of the General Government of the Marist Institute.

The program aimed to qualify the formation of leaders, as well as the service of institutions around Marist purposes and values, so that leaders act in accordance with what they believe and profess.

In the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul, the Prophetic and Servant Leadership Course was divided into modules. The first, held from March 27 to 29, 2023, had as its theme “Prophetic and Servant Leadership: Contributions to Marist Practice”. The second, “Looking beyond: agility and depth in a changing world”. The third addressed the theme “Marist bases for prophetic and servant leadership” and the fourth dealt with “Marist tradition and ethical and spiritual wisdom in leadership” and was held at the Hermitage in France. The fifth module was an in-depth study of the leadership of Brother François Rivat.

In this link to the Province’s website, you can find the complete chronicle, in Portuguese, of the meeting


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