2021-11-12 BRAZIL

Brasil Sul-Amazônia promotes a culture of solidarity based on educational volunteering

Before the Pandemic, the pastoral team of the Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province met weekly with the young people of the Marist schools to promote a culture of solidarity and to help the community where each school is located. The aim was and still is to promote educational volunteering and to accompany the young people in their journey of solidarity.

The health emergency caused by COVID-19 led to a change in strategy, but without losing sight of the desire to strengthen the culture of solidarity and maintain hope for a more dignified society. A support network of students was then created who, together with their families, continued to promote solidarity in favour of the most vulnerable communities.

“In an unparalleled context and with restricted face-to-face activities, online connections maintained relationships. Our traditional retreat had to be done online in 2020. We have taken the opportunity to address the quality of life during the pandemic. Adaptations had to be made, but access to the culture of solidarity was maintained,” said Éder Silva de Oliveira, who is responsible for the Province’s Pastoral Care.

You can click here to watch the video of the Volunteer Day organised by the Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province and learn more about the actions carried out.


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