2023-07-09 BRAZIL

Brazil Centro-Norte proposes discernment on the life project

The Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Norte, in collaboration with the Brazilian Union of Catholic Education, launches a free course on Life Project, which makes up the Esperan├žar Project, an initiative whose motto is Knowledge within everyone’s reach! The course has 15 hours of content, and, upon completion, the student will receive a university extension certificate, by the Catholic University of Brasilia.

Discernment about the life project is not always something that is taken easily. and at the desired time. A life project focuses on future possibilities and, therefore, it is necessary to develop the ability to visualize in advance the life that one wants to have or lead.

The course presents basic ideas about what a life project is, what the objectives are and how personal strategic planning can be structured, based on the life trajectory and aspirations.

In addition to this course, the Esperan├žar Project offers another 28 learning itineraries, all free and with a university extension certificate. They are aimed at all those who wish to update and continue training. See in this link the free courses available.

For those who wish to make a vocational discernment for Marist life, the province has prepared a free e-book with the 10 steps for vocational discernment.


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