2022-06-30 BRAZIL

Brazil Centro-Sul promotes citizenship education

The Brazilian Marist Province of Brazil Centro-Sul, in collaboration with the SIVIS Institute and Farol 1817 website, joined forces in developing the project “Citizenship in times of crisis”. The online course, offered free of charge, arose from the common interest of the institutions in finding forms of dialogue in society, with young people formation as the main audience.

The themes addressed are solidarity, democracy, human rights, ecology, and ethics. Solidarity is defined as the basic pillar of the Marist Mission, which seeks to form ethical citizens who continue to transform society.

This course aims to promote reflection on citizenship, solidarity and democracy and contribute to finding solutions to social problems, highlighting the role of citizenship.

The course “Citizenship in times of crisis” is, therefore, an incentive for more people to know their rights and responsibilities, thus seeking an active role so that their rights are respected. As well as those in conditions of social vulnerability. The course is divided into 8 modules, conducted by Fernanda Santos, SIVIS analyst.

To access the course, please click on the following link.


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