2020-06-16 GENERAL HOUSE

Brother Angel Diego describes the first steps of the Secretariaty of Solidarity

Last September I started my work in the new Secretariat of Solidarity. We were both new, so we had to learn together, to grow together. A little more than eight months learning, living, opening the eyes of the mind and the heart, letting myself be challenged by what is different, enriching myself with the members of a family with more than two hundred years of history: the Marist Family.

To start a new task, in a new country, with a new language, with new brothers in community? The novelty is marvellous, yes, marvellous; but it also involves an effort to allow oneself to be ” made ” by others and by God. Without a doubt, it is an exciting adventure. I do not forget that every adventure also has its dangers, its moments of doubt, its difficulties, its loneliness… which make it fascinating, yes, fascinating.

These have been months of meetings, of some travelling, of varied experiences, of much reading, of learning to work in other languages… They have been months of letting myself be challenged by everything around me, especially by the people who have accompanied me during this time. My family, the brothers in the community, the friends, the colleagues at work, are the greatest of all riches. A richness that shows the silent presence of Mary, full of the God who is the Trinity, who comes to life through meeting with others.

Rights of Children, Education in Solidarity and Ecology

The challenge is great, and the wealth that already exists is even greater. Solidarity in the Institute is a sign of identity characteristic of the Christian and Marist DNA. Solidarity manifested in various fields, all of them essential. The defence of the Rights of Children, Education in Solidarity and Ecology are the three great areas that make up the new Secretariat, but there are also other equally essential and necessary aspects of solidarity: development of projects, fundraising, social works, native peoples?

From the Secretariat we are trying to take the necessary steps to offer the best and most effective response to the needs of our societies and the world, based on the Marist charism and as a global family. We cannot renounce what we are, nor the One who moves us on this journey. That is why I am aware that this work goes far beyond my person, and that it is the reflection of thousands of brothers and laypeople who, day after day, give their lives to build the Kingdom of God wherever they are.

With the help of Brother Ken McDonald (General Councillor Link person of the Secretariat), of Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez (Vicar General), of the other members of the General Council, of the brothers who work in other areas of the General Administration, of the brothers in community, of the laypeople who work at the General House, of our partners in Geneva (CCIG, BICE) and of so many brothers and laypeople with whom I have been able to share at some time or another, we have been able to give  form to the new Secretariat.

There are still steps to be taken. Fortunately, we have work ahead of us. I would like to thank all those who, from their specific situation, dedicate a part of their lives to working for Solidarity, for the good of human beings, especially those children and young people who are most in need.

Thanks also to Br. Francis Lukong, for his willingness to be part of this team, starting next September.

I thank God, who is the Trinity, for granting me companions on the way, who help and encourage me.


Br. Ángel Diego García Otaola – Director of the Secretariaty of Solidarity


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