2013-09-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Brother formators for a new world

At every instant, in our world and around us, something new is happening, or at least something is moving although it may not always be noticed… When the oportune time comes, something changes and reality is enriched with shoots of new life. It is a joy that this is so for it has been a constant right through history.

It will soon be a little over two years since reflection began in the Institute, encouraged by the General Council and the Secretariat Brothers Today, on new programmes of ongoing formation and proposals for experiences to revitalise the life of the brothers and the Institute. Thus was born the course for Community Animators held in 4 sessions (2 at Manziana and 2 at the Escorial) in 2012. Two new signs appeared in these  formation courses : the internationality expressed in a very clear way in the experience of the Hermitage – lived by both groups at the same time – and the unified work of the two teams in the animation of the courses and the programmes of formation.

The two teams of formators from Manziana and the Escorial met together during the last week of August in Rome to prepare the PROGRAMME FOR FORMATORS to be held in 2014, from January to November. The two teams have been partly or entirely renewed ; Brothers Barry Burns and Antoine Kazindu have completed their time of service at Manziana, and Brothers Dennis Cooper, Sylvain Yao and Alfredo Herrera are taking up the baton. Br Joací Pinheiro has been replaced by his brother Joarês in animating the Escorial course with Br Angel Medina.

Brothers Ernesto Sánchez, Eugène Kabambuka and Josep Maria Soteras of the General Council accompanied the reflection. The meeting was conducted by Br César A. Rojas, who is responsible for this type of programme and course at the level of the Institute.

During the week, we had time to : look at the Programme for Formators, become acquainted with the brothers who will take part, make our own the objectives and hopes we want to live and animate, and think up the best ways for bringing to birth something new in the Institute, in particular in the area of formation, with a global approach at all the stages involved.

This is a sign which speaks of hope. While in the Institute we are less numerous as the years pass, the houses of formation diminish in number and in young men (at least in certain parts of the Institute), and the ministry of vocations is stimulating and inviting us to create new paths…, 27 brothers of different languages and cultures from various Provinces of the Institute are preparing to become    FORMATORS FOR A NEW WORLD, which means having faith in the youth of today, having faith in religious life and in the vocation to Marist life.

Br Angel Medina (L’Escorial)


Province of West Central Europe...


I will awake the dawn! (Psalm 108: 3)...