2021-09-14 NEW ZEALAND

Brothers from the District of the Pacific discuss Marist Spirituality and Ecology

On Sunday 5th September about fifty Brothers from the District of the Pacific came together for a Zoom meeting to discuss Marist Spirituality and Ecology. After a prayer led by Brother Anitelea, the participants watched a video-clip organised by Brother Sean Sammon to launch the topic. The discussion was facilitated by Brother Christopher.

After the presentation, the Brothers split into small groups to discuss where Mary came into their lives as they progressed through their life. During this time, they also viewed a video “What is Spir-ituality”.

Following this the combined group began a discussion on “Care for Mother Earth”. This began with a Powerpoint presentation by Brother Christopher. The Brothers then split into groups to discuss where Marist Spiritualty came into Eco spirituality in our lives today. Their findings and views were then shared by the full group.

The participants finished the morning by discussing the Lomeri Project and the possibilities about it and then finished the morning with a final prayer.


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