2022-08-03 BRAZIL

Bursars Network of the South America Region meets in Curitiba

The provincial bursars who are part of the Network of Commissaries of the South America Region met from July 26 to 29 at the Marist Champagnat Center in Curitiba, in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul, with the purpose of sharing challenges, good practices, and opportunities for synergy.

The General Bursar of the Institute, Br. Jorge Gaio, also attended the event and emphasized that this rapprochement between the provinces is important for the vitality of the works. He also mentioned that “We have to look to the future and start planning for it now because that future will soon arrive and we need to be prepared…”. “A networking effort that joins forces in the economic and financial strategic points that guarantee the sustainability of the Mission”. The Bursar also recalled the priorities listed during the last Conference of Provincials, held in Rome in March, which could serve as a guide for the work of the Network of Bursars of the South America Region.

During the event, the bursars of the provinces – meeting in person after two years – presented a summary of their projects. And they shared their challenges and initiatives so that they can be replicated in the network.

Transparency and dialogue

Since many of the representatives of the provinces have recently assumed the role of Bursars – from the Provincial Chapters – the Curitiba meeting marks, in fact, a new moment of planning for the Network of South American Bursars.

According to Brother Délcio Balestrin, Bursar of the Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul, the participation of the General Bursar of the Institute has been fundamental. “We appreciate the transparency with which the important data on Marist global action has been presented to us”, he mentioned. On the other hand, he suggested that the topics discussed at the meeting of the Network be shared with the Provincial Councils. “This will ensure alignment and that all planning and execution of projects and initiatives make sense for everyone,” he emphasized.

The suggestion was endorsed by the Secretary of the Region, Leonardo Soares, who said that “the Network has the fundamental role of making all this work, which is articulated in groups in the units and works, available to the public. It is a way to reflect on all the instances and articulations that are taking place, acting in the present to transform the future.

Schedules for 2023 and 2024

At the end of the meeting, the Network of Economatos of the South America Region mentioned the next steps for networking. Such as prioritization, finalization, and project inclusion. As well as its developments, follow-up of initiatives and indicators, in addition to guiding the agendas for the years 2023 and 2024. A second meeting of the Network has already been scheduled to be held virtually in November 2022.


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