2009-03-05 BRAZIL

Called by the FMSI Onlus, to coincide with the World Social Forum

The Team of Mission for America (dependent on the General Council?s Mission Commission) convoked the solidarity organisations of the continent to hold their third meeting at the end of January 2009, coinciding with the holding of the World Social Forum in Belen (Brasil), as was explained in earlier news.

Knowing this, Br. Dominick Pujia, President of the FMSI Onlus (Marist Foundation for International Solidarity), considered that it would be a good opportunity to hold a more inclusive meeting, in inviting representatives of Marist solidarity organisations from other continents. The objectives planned for this meeting were: a) to take part in the World Social Forum collectively, as Marists, interacting with others who believe that ?another world is possible? and who are working towards this end; b) to meet with representatives of Marist solidarity from all over the world, together with FMSI, to become acquainted with one another and to set up a dialogue for proposing possibilities of collaboration and coordination.

The meeting of the American representatives took place from 23 to 27 January, and starting with the last day incorporated into the group representatives of SED (Marist NGO in Spain), as well as from the provinces of Compostela, Mediterránea and the Hermitage. From 28 January to 1 February all were able to participate in the activities of the World Social Forum, except for the day of 31 January which was dedicated to the Marist meeting with the FMSI Onlus.

During this day, Br. Dominick and Sara Panciroli (Secretary general of the FMSI Onlus) facilitated the process of getting to know this new Marist Foundation at the service of the defence of the rights of children and, by means of the various activities, helped the group to become aware of the need to work together and of the challenges this entailed. The FMSI Onlus proposed a draft of an ?Accord of cooperation? between the said organisation and the Marist administrative units or NGOs, which was studied by the participants and which will become definitive in the coming months.

The day, which was evaluated in a very positive manner by all those taking part, closed with a time of prayer of thanksgiving, as well as a statement of commitment which we take on both personally and individually for the defence of the rights of children.

The FMSI Onlus wants to thank all the organisations taking part for their availability and enthusiasm. A special thanks to the organizing team of the Meeting of the Americas, which made possible the realization of this day, as well as the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte which, once again, hosted with generosity and joy an international Marist event.


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