2015-01-02 ARGENTINA

Challenging invitations

Br Horacio Bustos, provincial of Cruz del Sur, sent a letter to the laity of the  Province with two very concrete invitations. In the first, lay men and women, families included, are invited to offer themselves to take part in the life and mission of a Marist community situated in a context of poverty, for at least a year. Concretely, in the communities of La Boca (Rosario) or Las Heras (Mendoza) or Tacuarembó (Uruguay). These three communities are inserted in the midst of the people and offer a prospect of education in contact with poor children and families. The first two evangelize through formal education and pastoral work in the quarter, the third through popular education and pastoral care. 

In the second, persons who feel a vocation to collaborate in the administrative direction of a Marist College/Work and are available, are invited, after suitable preparation, to move to other geographical parts of the Province, to take up this service for a period of not less than three years. This concerns a time of service to be carried out in community form, that is, in a fraternity composed of brothers and laity who wish to venture on a common project of evangelization, community life and spirituality.  Challenging invitations, without a doubt.

Download the letter, in Spanish


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