2023-03-13 BRAZIL

Champagnat Global participates in the meeting of Basic Education Managers in Brazil

From March 6 to 9, it was held in Curitiba, the First Meeting of Basic Education Managers of Brazil, an important milestone in the development process of the Integrated Network of Basic Education in Marist Brazil. Champagnat Global, the Marist Global Network of Schools, participated in this meeting and was represented by Javier Llamas, Project Manager of the Institute’s Network.

The network is made up of 96 socio-educational units and is being built in two phases of implementation: the first begins with the Marist Provinces of Brasil Centro-Sul and Brasil Sul-AmazĂ´nia and in the next stage is integrated with the Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Norte, which from the beginning has participated in the founding movements and in strategic decision-making.

The management of MARISTA BRASIL has considered it very important to feel part of the global process that the Institute is promoting as a Global family that walks together and, as a consequence, a very fruitful synergy is being generated between the two networks. In a disruptive historical context of radical changes, such as the one we are living in, the challenges have a global dimension and that implies being creative, innovative and above all collaboratives.

Within the programme of the meeting there was a panel: â€śInternationalisation and Basic Education: positioning, connections and horizons”, in which Javier Llamas, project manager of Champagnat Global, MarĂ­lia Morosine of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio del Sur (PUCRS) and Michelle JordĂŁo of UMBRASIL, shared the importance of thinking about internationalisation for our children and young people and shed light on this subject which needs more and more space in Marist schools.


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