2015-12-31 CHILE

Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family

The Champagnat Movement of the Marist family in its long history of 30 years has wanted to help each member to discover and carry out his/her personal mission in the construction of the Kingdom of God.  The new Project of Life which is being prepared within the process of updating of the Movement continues to include this dimension of the Marist mission, which seeks to develop the Marian face of the Church, that is to say, a Church that is humble, that serves and accepts, committed with those in greater need.   

In our site we will be sharing some witnesses of Marist Fraternities which are projected in social centers, parishes, schools… with a strong dimension of solidarity that integrates it with their family and professional obligations.  Today we present the Fraternity Gregorio Pastor, of Chile (Province Santa María de los Andes)


When the Spirit blows, the paradoxes of the Gospel take place 

It was a short time since the classes had begun in the new School of the Marists, which bears the name of one of the martyrs of Zaire, Brother Fernando de la Fuente. This School is in the northern part of our country, more than 1700 kilometers away from Santiago, in the municipality La Negra de Alto Hospicio, the poorest municipality or county of the country and with a high rate of drug addiction. We are invited to know this new school. Marist volunteers were called.  Once we were there the tasks were numerous, the principal one was to transfer or move the whole Library from a first floor to a second one, to prepare index cards, cover books, to decorate and prepare the place for the acts or sessions.…

We returned to Santiago after this first encounter, quite tired, but certain that we had a great task to carry out. To the School Brother Fernando one does not go for a visit, not for an outing, one goes there to encounter Marcelin whom we knew when our sons were learning the life of the Founder, that Marcelin who accepts, listens, plays, laughs, works, who instructs, but above all, who teaches us that the most important thing is love.  

Since that date, (almost 9 years ago) we go back twice a year, to make ourselves available to the school community to carry out the work that they entrust to us, from sewing a button up to guiding days with the professors, pupils, parents and the whole community.  But this experience of solidarity of our fraternity is not limited only in “doing and taking” but it has been a transforming living experience where looks are connected with the heart. The fear of the first encounters in walking through the dusty paths have given place to affection, and lack of trust no longer worries but we have been seduced, invited to solidarity. This is a solidarity that involves the neighbor, the brother, the parents, pupils and those who form part of this school community, with its stories of efforts made, struggles, sorrows and joys.  A solidarity where at sunset the same table is shared and they are invited to joy, to emotions, to listening and the secrecy, the friendship and trust, but above all, the infinite thanks to God for such an immense gift, where everything that is few, poor and lacking that can  exist in this place becomes a transforming force that enlarges and enriches the soul.  


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