2021-12-29 RWANDA

Chapter of the Province of Central East Africa

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Under the motto of “Leadership and Communication at the Service of Unity”, the VIIth Chapter of the Province of Central East Africa gathered at the Centre D’accueil Mater Boni Consilii in Butare, Rwanda, with 19 Brothers as members of the Chapter, from December 14 to 17.

The opening words of the Chapter were from Br Théoneste Kalisa, followed by Br Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, who addressed to the assembly few words. He stressed the unity we have as an Institute, being all members of one global family.

The moderators of the Chapter were Brothers Albert Nzabonaliba and Christian Gisamonyo, and Secretaries of the Chapter were Brothers Fabien Bulaimu and Thomas Omari. Tellers of the Chapter were Brothers Spiridion Ndanga and Ignace Mbaruramye.

Once the Bureau of the Chapter was elected, Br Théoneste Kalisa pronounced the report from his administration for the past three years and declared open the works of the VIIth Provincial Chapter.

Then an important moment was the installation of Br Venceslas Baindekeli as Provincial, done by Br. Ernesto, who handed the symbols of authority to the new Brother Provincial:  stamp, the Constitutions and the list of the Brothers of PACE.  He then declared Br. Venceslas Baindekeli the new Provincial of PACE, who pronounced his speech that reflected the vision of his mandate for the coming three years.

After having the main priorities that the new administration will focus on, the assembly elected the members of the Provincial Council, that will accompany Br Venceslas Baindekeli in the coming three years of service. The new elected members are Brothers Valerian Kalendelo, Jean Mfurayase, Thomas Omari, Fabien Bulaimu and Albert Nzabonaliba.

The participants also dedicated some time to discuss, actualize and approve the Norms of the Province and the Rules of the Chapter (for the VIII Provincial Chapter in 2024).  After the modifications made, the document will be sent to Rome for approval and then to distribute it to the communities.    

Priorities for the Province

In order to reflect on these important objectives as a Chapter, the assembly had an opportunity to listen and read different documents and presentations:  a letter from Br Ernesto Sánchez B., S.G. who gave us the summary of the sondage conducted by the General Council on PACE;  the survey prepared by the Preparatory Commission of this VII Provincial Chapter;  the report from Br ThĂ©oneste Kalisa and the initial words of Br Venceslas Baindekeli;  and the financial report presented by Br Kiko Baeza, Econome Provincial.  

With all the material received, the assembly needed to find the Priorities that would help us to focus our efforts for the coming years:  2021-2024.  What follows here below, are the four priorities chosen.  The assembly suggested some concrete lines of action, that the new Provincial Council will consider, and once they will arrange them accordingly, they will communicate to the Province after their first meeting.

Those are the priorities:

  • Marist Identity and Unity
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Sustainability and Accountability
  • Marist Vocation ministry.


Brothers present, residents in the five countries of our Province, were:

  • Elected Chapter Members: Brothers  Adolphe Paluku, Albert Nzabonaliba, Christian Gisamonyo, DĂ©sirĂ© Shamabale, Edouard Yatha, Fabien Bulaimu, FĂ©lix Banam, Ignace Mbaruramye, Jean Mfurayase, RĂ©my Mbolipasiko, Spiridion Ndanga and Valerian Kalendelo. Brother Antoine Kazindu was also elected, but could not join the Chapter.
  • Members by right: Brothers Venceslas Baindekeli, ThĂ©oneste Kalisa, Crescent Karerangabo, Masumbuko Mununguri, Patrick Nangale, Thomas Omari, and Kiko Baeza.
  • From the General Administration:  Brother Ernesto Sánchez Barba, Superior General
  • Observer: Br Teo Grageda.
  • Supportive team: Br Bernard Ntigura.

Download Newsletter – VII Provincial Chapter


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