Letters of Marcellin – 029

Marcellin Champagnat


The brothers in the schools were called to the Hermitage every year to spend their vacation there. They brought all their personal effects with them, so that at the end of the vacation, they would be ready to go to whatever establishment the Superior
thought it best to send them.

The only copy we have of this circular is dated 1834 (Circulaires, I, p. 4), but that is certainly an error, since the departure for Rome which is mentioned took place on 29th August 1833 (Chronologie, p. 60).

My very dear brothers,

I pray that Jesus and Mary will always be your only treasure. If you make as much progress in perfection as I would like you to, you will make a great deal indeed.

Here it is vacation time again, a precious moment from every point of view, I mean for both soul and body.

1º The vacation will begin as it did last year, on 15th September, and will last until 15th October.
2º We would like everyone to arrive on Monday at the latest.
3º We intend to leave for Rome very soon; the whole society must contribute to the success of this trip by prayer and renewed fervor. Until the return of those who are going to see His Holiness, everyone will recite: 1 the Ave Maris Stella; 2 the Veni Sancte with its prayer.
4º When they come for their vacation, all the brothers are asked to bring the following: 1º all the grammar books which the brothers use; 2º a certificate of good morals, of good conduct, from the mayor; 3º a sample of each childs writing at the beginning of the year, at Easter time, and at the end of the year.
5º All the arithmetic, the writing models or samples each brother is supposed to provide;
6º His certificate of competence, his baptismal certificate, etc.
7º Everything which you have for your personal use;
8º The account book, the house register, notes on whatever may be owed us by the town;


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