2021-04-18 GENERAL HOUSE

Cmi launches the Marist Volunteer Handbook

The Department of Collaboration for International Mission (CMI) of the General Administration has just launched the Marist Volunteer Handbook. It is an aid to understanding the Marist Institution in relation to Interprovincial Volunteering, provides basic information about the Volunteer’s journey and clarifies the conditions for becoming a Volunteer.

“The Guide is addressed to all Marists: brothers, lay people, collaborators, young people, students… To all of those who, in one way or another, have a connection with the Marist world,” said Br Valdícer Fachi, director of Cmi.  “It is important that as many people as possible know and have access to this publication. Some will be distribute the information, others may even become volunteers, offering an important part of their lives to the service of others, especially the most needy children”.

Marist volunteering is an effective way of building a culture of encounter between nations and peoples; it is a powerful tool for sharing knowledge, skills and values, contributing significantly to poverty reduction. All parties involved (the sender, the receiver and the volunteer) are connected and guided by, well-defined roles and agreements.

If you are interested in Marist Interprovincial Volunteering, you can contact the Provincial Volunteer Coordinator (CPV) or directly with the Cmi (cmi@fms.it).

Download PDF: English |Español | Français | Português


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