2020-12-11 GENERAL HOUSE

Cmi meets the provincial coordinators of Marist volunteers

The Department of Collaboration for the International Mission (CMI) completed, on 30 November, the first cycle of its meetings with the Provincial Coordinators of Volunteers (PCVs) of the 5 Marist Regions: Asia and Oceania (3 November 2020), North Arc (5 November 2020), South America (9 November 2020), Africa (26 November 2020) and Europe (30 November 2020).

The meetings, held via Zoom, were attended by members of CMI and the CPVs of each Region, including the regional delegates of the Board of Directors of the Volunteer Network and other people with strategic roles for volunteerism.

The main theme of the meetings was volunteering based on the reality of each region, and at the same time, inter-provincial volunteering.

After a moment of prayer, the CPVs of each region shared the following:

– Communication on the current situation of volunteering in each administrative unit

– Information on key challenges during the Pandemic

– Testimonials on creativity and some initiatives of volunteering at local and international level, where volunteering continues its work.

– Reflections and opinions about the work done.

 Before the end of the virtual meetings, proposals and ideas were put forward on how to continue and prepare for the future of the Marist Volunteers in each Region and in the Institute, based on the questions and challenges of the present.

List of participants by Region:
  • Region of Asia and Oceania: Br. Chris Wills (Regional Delegate and CPV Prov. Australia), Br. H. Edgar Ceriales (CPV East Asia Prov.), Br. Francis Attah (Maris District of Asia – MDA).
  • Region of Arco Norte: H. Fernando Luis Alberto Lopez (Regional Delegate and CPV MĂ©xico Occidental), H. Owen Ormsby (CPV Prov. USA), Pedro Chimeno (CPV Canada), H. Orlando Escobar (CPV Norandina), Maryury Morales (presencia estratĂ©gica Norandina), MarĂ­a del Socorro (Coco) Alvarez Noriega (CPV MĂ©xico Central), H. Daniel MartĂ­n De Paz (CPV AmĂ©rica Central).
  • Region of South America: Alvanei Finamor (Regional Delegate and CPV Brasil Centro-Norte), Renato EstevĂŁo Biasi (CPV Brasil Sul-AmazĂ´nia), Bruno Manoel Socher (CPV Brasil Centro-Sul), MĂłnica Linares (CPV Cruz del Sur), Br. Juan Manuel Garcia (CPV Santa MarĂ­a de los Andes), Mauricio Siñaniz (strategic presence Santa MarĂ­a de los Andes).
  • Region of Africa: Br Daniela Goeieman (Regional Delegate and CPV Southern Africa), Br Teo Grageda (CPV PACE), Br Viateur Nsabagasani (CPV PACE – Rwanda), Br Njakatiana Herinala Randriarivony (CPV Madagascar), Br John Kusi-Mensah (CPV West Africa District)
  • Region of Europe: Br Juan Pablo Hernandez Castillo (Regional Delegate and CPV Mediterranea), Ana Belen Salas (CPV Compostela), Renate Hacker (CPV Europe Central West), Br Pau Tristany (CPV ad interim L’Hermitage), Br Antonio Tejedor Mingo (CPV IbĂ©rica).

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