2020-10-12 BOLIVIA

Community of Manziana holds a formation meeting with the Novitiate of Cochabamba

The community of Manziana, an ongoing formation community of the Institute, held a virtual formation meeting with the Champagnat Novitiate of the South American Region in Cochabamba, Bolivia, on September 30, as part of the month of the Bible.

The theme of the meeting, entitled “Mary in the Gospels”, was presented by Br. Antonio Peralta, who discussed the different dimensions of Mary in the Gospels, in the Letters of Paul and the Book of Revelation. The novices and formators took part in the meeting.

From the community of Manziana, Brothers Joaquim Sperandio and Joe Walton also took part, as well as the Brother Directors of the Secretariat Brothers Today, Angel Medina and Lindley Halago. 

The virtual meeting had as its purpose to nourish the motives and reflection for discernment during this time of the novitiate, given that during these weeks the novices must meditate and decide on their passage to the profession of religious vows.

There is currently 1 first year novice (Gustavo Vieira Leocádio – Brasil Centro-Norte) and 6 second year novices: Jefferson Bonomo (Brasil Centro-Norte) Bruno Marcondes, Carlos Henrique de Oliveira and Nathan da Costa (Brasil Centro-Sul), Donavan Farias (Brasil Sul-Amazônia), and Gilber Galarza (Santa Maria de los Andes). The Brothers in charge of formation are: Isidro Azpeleta (Master of Novices, Santa María de los Andes), Rubens José Falqueto (Brasil Centro-Norte) and Otalivio Sarturi (Brasil Centro-Sul).


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