2015-04-03 GENERAL HOUSE

Computer Systems

The digitized data of the administration of the Institute and of the Marist mission form part of our life, and its appropriate professional use can be yet another tool to develop Marcellin Champagnat’s charisma. Guided by this principle, the General Council is studying new IT proposals that could help Marist life.    


Recently, two technicians from Curitiba (Mauritius Nagase and Emerson Torquato), summoned by Brother Josep Maria Soteras, were in the General house, assessing the situation in order to propose an integration project for the different existing realities and others that might develop in the future: anagraphic management of the brothers and Marist houses (Kosmos), accounting management of the institute and of administrative units (Domus), database of jobs of the mission (Missio), the application of the Institute’s files (Archivum), the database of the Secretariat for international missionary collaboration, and a tool for the Champagnat.org and FMSI websites.  It is about a new proposal of creating a new global IT architecture to make the life of the Institute easier.

At the same time of this assessment, we worked on developing the Archivum and Libri applications, with the help of Marcos Souza, responsible for the system of Curitiba, Montse Sánchez and Robert Porta of Barcelona, as well as Dorotea Cinani and Lucia Distefano of the General Administration. “Archivum” is the archive system of the entire Marist documentation and "Libri" is the international Marist library system.        

Br Marcelo De Brito of Argentina was also at the General House for two months working on the database of brothers and Marist houses (Kosmos). He collaborated with the secretaries of the administrative units, with Emanuela Lisciarelli, of the statistics office of the General Administration, under the coordination of Br Carlos Huidobro, Secretary General. His hard work allowed the effective implementation of Kosmos, which can now offer statistics in realtime as well as data relating to the life of the Marist Brothers. 


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