2021-02-26 GENERAL HOUSE

Congress of Historians to study the Positio of the Cause of Br. Lycarion

The Commission of Historians of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints will study the Positio of the Cause of Br Lycarion on 23 March 2021. The Commission will have to express its opinion on the scientific value of the documentation that has been collected and submitted and on the sufficiency of the evidence presented.

The Positio of the Br. Lycarion could only go to press at the beginning of June 2020 after overcoming the difficulties caused by the pandemic in Rome in the early months of last year. The copies needed by the experts in history were immediately consigned to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints for them to study. Eight months of patient waiting have passed before the announced date of 23 March next.

This is good news because once this step has been taken, the documentation will be handed over to the Commission of theological censors and finally to that of the Cardinals. Once this juridical process has been completed, we can expect the decree of recognition of Br. Lycarion as blessed and martyr.

We recall that Br Lycarion was a Swiss Marist who died in Barcelona during the sad events of the Tragic Week of Barcelona in 1909, the first Marist to shed his blood on Spanish soil.

We raise our prayers to the Lord through our Good Mother, thanking Him for the witness of life and death of this Servant of God, and at the same time we ask that through these legal gestures His glory and His will may also be manifested among us.

H. Antonio Mart├şnez Esta├║n


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