2011-12-28 SPAIN

Constitution of the Associations of Former Marist Students

The Governing Council of ‘ADEMAR Mediterránea’ met for the first time on 3 December, at the Marist Centre of Guardamar del Segura in Alicante, Spain.

The Federation of Associations of Former Marist Students of the Province of « Mediterránea » was ‘officially’ born in September, after a gestation period of several years, on the occasion of the Constituent Assembly held at Málaga, during which its Statutes were approved and its first president elected, Mr Fernando Orellana Ramos.

The meeting opened with a prayer to Our Good Mother, followed by a reflection based on art. 88 of our Constitutions: We keep in close contact with former students by friendship and prayer. We willingly accept their co-operation in the progress of the school. At appropriate times we help them with advice, and encourage them to devote themselves to serving the Church and people. We also referred to a text from the Strategic Plan of the Province : To improve our relations with those around us, paying particular attention to unity with the former students and to presence within other civil and religious structures: to outline a structure of union with former students in our establishments ; to organize periodic meetings of former students in each school; to revive the Associations of Former Students in the establishments; to designate a provincial co-ordinator to accompany and encourage activities with the former students of the establishments and organise   provincial meetings with the Governing Boards of the Associations of Former Students (OE. 12).

Those taking part in the meeting were representatives or delegations of ADEMAR from: Algemesí, Alicante, Badajoz, Cartagena, Cordoba, Denia, Huelva, Jaén, La Mina, Malaga, Murcia and Seville.

Before the meeting, BrothersAureliano García, Ignacio Poyatos and José María Rius, members of the Provincial Council, offered us a cordial greeting. The constitution proceedings for the Associations of Former Marist Students in Giugliano, Italy, and Champville, Lebanon, seemed very positive. The objective remains the integration of all the establishments of the Province.

The representatives elected the Governing Council, which is composed of: Br Fulgencio Martínez Mora (Advisers), Fernando Orellana Ramos (President), Adela Carrasco Aliaga of ADEMAR-Algemesí (Vice-president), Rafael Torres Contreras, of ADEMAR-Jaén (Secretary), Ildefonso Pérez Salguero of ADEMAR-Malaga (Treasurer); and members: Alberto Payá Sánchez (ADEMAR-Alicante), Joaquín Rodríguez García (ADEMAR-Badajoz), Miguel Fernández Gómez (ADEMAR-Cartagena), Oscar Agud (ADEMAR-Cullera), Xuss Catalá i Bolufer (ADEMAR-Denia), José Francisco Postigo Ferrera (ADEMAR-Huelva), Manuel Morejón López (ADEMAR-La Mina); and one representative of ADEMAR-Cordoba and ADEMAR-Champville respectively.

Some aspects relative to the organisation were studied: the share (with dispensation for Associations in the course of creation or having operating problems), maintenance of the web site www.ademarmediterranea.org, date of the next meeting (Saturday 11 February 2012, in Madrid, co-inciding with the Assembly of the Spanish Federation of Former Marist Students) and short term objectives: revitalize the local Associations and encourage their reformation or their foundation where they do not exist; offer support and accompaniment from ‘ADEMAR Mediterránea’; see that each Association has its Brother Advisor and accompanier; consider organizing an ADEMAR meeting of the whole Province based on the sport practiced in the Associations (day or championship); to present proposals to the Madrid meeting.

Finally, some interesting reflections to share with you: It’s a good idea but difficult to implement (Br José Alonso). It’s a true « volunteer service »(Br Pencho). We must be aware that even without the « label » of former students, the Marist presence through them, in society (for transforming it into a better world), in the Marist establishments and works, is very important(Alberto Payá). Every group of former students has its motivations and it is necessary to see « what we can offer them » (Br Pencho). The «personal and human relationship» is fundamental; it is necessary to promote meetings between local associations so that they get to know one another better (Ildefonso Pérez).


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