2018-08-21 SPAIN

Constructing networks, building bridges

Using  the motto "constructing networks, building bridges", on August 12 the Team of European Brothers Today invited, in El Escorial, representatives of the Network of Marist communities in Europe, with the object of assessing the situation since 2011, when they were created, and to explore the possibility of a new network of communities, inspired by the calls of the XXII General Chapter.  

The invitation was extended to  representatives of the different communities which have been part of the Network , the Brothers  provincial, the secretary of Brothers of the Institute Today, members of the project  Lavalla 200 in Europe and of the Fratelli Project. Present at the meeting were 17 Brothers and three lay people.  

After a great deal of intense work and seeing it to be exciting, valuable and viable for the future of the Marist presence in Europe, they devised  a project with objectives and also a profile of these communities, commitments on the part of the provinces as well as the Brothers  and lay people belongingtothem, linking approaches,the  relationship with other networks and the form of accompaniment. 

The presence of the three lay people  and the growing sensibility when recognizing the vocation of the Marist laity led to the request  for a greaterpresence of lay people in this Network of communities. 

At the final celebration, based on the five calls of the Chapter, they received the icon of Christ without a face, as a call to be faces of Christ, and a beacon inviting them  to be alightand hope for the future Marists in Europe. 

The final draft of the project will today be sent by the European Team of Brothers to the European Provincials for their approval. 


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