2012-12-10 MEXICO

Contact and proximity between the Marist publishing houses

On 23 and 24 November, the third meeting of the Board of Direction of the International Marist Network of Publishing Houses was held in the offices  of « Editorial Progreso «  in Mexico. The participants represented the following publishing houses: « Gran Editora » (Argentina), « Grupo Edelvives » (Spain), « Editora FTD » (Brasil), « Editorial Progreso » (Mexico). There was also a member of the Secretariat of Mission of the General Government of the Institute.

The meeting dealt with the questions, among others, of « the electronic book »,  « literature » and « foreign languages ». There were also contributions to the Statute of the Network and « l’Ideario » (ensemble of principal ideas), which will be the reference document for the « Code of Ethics and Conduct » of each of the publishing houses  affiliated to the Network.

The Committee arranged time to get to know the installations and projects of the « Editorial Progreso » and to learn more about Mexican culture and history.

The meeting was judged quite profitable and encouraged the strengthening of bonds of contact and proximity among the publishing houses. The participants were very appreciative of the welcome from « Editorial Progreso ».

The II Assembly of the Network will be held in Spain from  6 to 9 October 2013, along the lines of the one in São Paulo (Brasil).

We are sure that, little by little, « we are developing an international and intercultural mentality of the Marist mission » (21st GC) through the publishing apostolate.


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