2010-12-03 BRAZIL

Councillor General of the Institute 1985 – 1993

The ceremony took place on 10 November in the « John Henri Newman » auditorium on the campus of the PUCPR.Cláudio Girardi was born in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina State (Brasil), in 1929. He has a licentiate in Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature. He has also a Law diploma from the PUC of Campinas (SP) and received training in theology at the Faculty of São Leopoldo. In 1959, he had the opportunity to study in Paris, at the Institut Supérieur de Pastorale. He has taught in many Marist schools in Brasil and in Institutes overseas. He was Provincial of the former Province of São Paulo in the period 1968-1974, when the archdiocese of Curitiba (PR) entrusted the administration of the Catholic University of Paraná (UPC) ? the present PUCPR ? to the Marist Brothers.It is fitting to underline the strategic ability and future vision of Br. Cláudio. He knew how to confer with and harmonise two great fronts: the first, with the Congregation of the Marist Brothers ? the General Council in Rome and the Marist Province of São Paulo; the second, with the different Catholic Institutions, the legal authorities of individual universities, with the aim of bringing them together in a single juridical entity, the former « Sociedade Paranaense de Cultura ». On 31 December 1973, after preliminary study and the approval of the Provincial and General Councils, the Marist Brothers took charge of the administration of the « Sociedade Paranaense de Cultura ». Br. Cláudio was its first president. From 1974, he had various responsibilities in the headquarters of the Institute in Rome, and served as General Councillor from 1985 to 1993.While in Rome, he followed with particular attention the University?s development. He assured the follow-up ? or loaned his support ? to different processes of expansion or consolidation which required the advice of the General Council. After this period, he was « Community Pro-Rector » of the PUCPR from July 1994 to the beginning of 1996. Competent « Articulator » at the time of transition, Br. Cláudio has always been distinguished for his affability, his ability to listen, and his innate sense of leadership. Persons close to him can testify to his greatness of spirit and his commitment to the PUCPR. Br. Cláudio is gifted with an enviable culture and loves to write. He has published many books, has others being printed, and has written numerous articles. A polyglot, he has done a good number of translations.


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