2021-10-26 ARGENTINA

Cruz del Sur College, together with volunteers, promotes the struggle against the pandemic

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and in line with the Marist mission for the protection and promotion of rights, the Sacred Heart School of the Marist Brothers in the city of San Francisco, Argentina, lent for two years part of its infrastructure to the health sector in the area to assess the population for COVID and to conduct prevention campaigns for volunteers and institutions in the area.

Marist volunteers

In addition, four young lay Marists, former students at Sacred Heart School, collaborated as volunteers at the Emergency Centre. Although the young people volunteered independently, they also did so because of their Marist vocation of solidarity. Previously, they had already carried out some volunteer experiences promoted by the Marist Volunteers programme of the Province.

After having worked in the health sector for 8 to 12 months during the critical period of the pandemic, the young Marists join their testimonies with the global Marist family.

“Being a volunteer meant lending a hand, a word, putting your heart and soul into it. Committing yourself, not only by staying at home, complying with the protocols, but also in the field: putting on your gown, your mask, your safety items, despite the possibility of contagion, without losing the joy that can be reflected in your eyes, in the hands that reach out to people to contain them in the face of a crisis, which was not only biological, but more than anything else of anguish or fear. As a Marist I learned that solidarity is a driving force in my life and makes us stronger. To be a volunteer is to give a part of yourself to society” (Daiana Michlig).

“To pool our gifts, resources, responsibilities according to roles and functions, committed participation and collective capacities at the great table of life; that there is no lack of work, education, health, water, decent housing, working for this wherever we are. This is a historic opportunity that we must accept so that peace and solidarity between peoples, justice, the defence and enjoyment of rights can become ever stronger” (María Clara Larrambebere).

“There are many things that I take away from this experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. The experience made me grow as a person and at the same time helped me to understand many things. During the months that I participated in it, I felt useful and supported. It helped me to find a way out and to do what I like so much: to help, contributing from my place what I have and what can do good to others. I would like to pass on to others the idea that it is possible to make the world a more beautiful and humane place if we all contribute together, because everything we do adds up. The smallest thing already makes a difference” (Camila Rassetto).

“If you ask me today what I have learnt from all this, I can answer that knowing all sides of an event, putting myself in the other person’s shoes and understanding that not everyone can be measured with the same yardstick should be a basic resource in society. I think that as Marists we have been committed from an early age to meet these needs and it is an excellent opportunity in the current health emergency to continue to take responsibility for the facts” (Sofía Giusta).


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