2024-04-01 ARGENTINA

Cruz del Sur Teams address the new strategic plan

During three intense days in the month of March, Teams of the Province Cruz del Sur took part in a meeting in the Marist Villa of Luján with the purpose of beginning to design actions for the realization of the Strategic Plan that will lead the next 5 years according to the Guidelines voted in Assembly and approved by the Provincial Council.

The objective was achieved in an atmosphere of joy, listening, dialogue and fraternity in which it was possible to continue tuning the “orchestra” of the community, remembering that the truth is symphonic.

The team integrated by Brothers Alberto Aparicio and Horacio Magaldi, accompanied by Fernando Varela and Adrián Arias (Uruguay) and Ricardo Palomar, Daniel Felipelli and María Belén Pissarello (Argentina), animated the dynamics that invited, from silence, movement, the Word and play, to continue tuning in with the motto “Juntos Caminamos” (Together We Walk).

The review of the Lines of Action that resulted from the rich and still recent synodal experience led all those present to the objective of the Meeting: to reach a consensus on the priorities of the Areas and Government Teams that will allow the consolidation of a work plan and the evaluation of its results.

The analysis, which was carried out in groups, was especially oriented to create, promote or accompany action plans that respond to the strategic objectives of each area (Vocation, Mission, etc.) or space that they have to animate in the Province.

From this discernment, the proposal to work by “zones” to strengthen the management and animation and to create a table that articulates the areas of the Province, meeting with certain periodicity, inspired by the work model of Uruguay, which integrated in a table the general directors and those responsible for works and has been working effectively for years.

The need was also expressed to adapt action strategies to the peculiarities (culture, history, economic reality) of each zone and to transversally evaluate provincial policies, while listening and dialoguing in a synodal key.

Regarding the role of the Brothers in this process, the Teams almost unanimously sustained the importance of counting on their presence and the charismatic formation they could offer, as well as growing in horizontality, flexibility and dialogue and responding to the decisions of the Provincial Government.

Finally, the importance of training directors and educators in provincial policies and pedagogical leadership and generating a new space for the coordinators to reach a consensus on an agenda attentive to the needs of each zone was highlighted.


Cruz del Sur Teams address the new strategic ...


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