Declaration for peace and the cessation of violence

3 November 2023

Prayer (PDF): English | Espa├▒ol | Fran├žais | Portugu├¬s
Prayer for children (PDF): English | Espa├▒ol | Fran├žais | Portugu├¬s

1. Invitation from Br. Ernesto

To all Marists of Champagnat, brothers, lay people, children and young people.

We are all aware of the situations of war and violence that our world is experiencing in many places. For this reason, I invite you to take a moment for reflection and prayer on this topic. A moment that can be repeated every week or whenever you deem appropriate, in your families, educational works and communities.

As people, as Christians, as Marists, it is important to be close to the reality that surrounds us, and to be in solidarity particularly with those who suffer most.

Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General.

2. Declaration

The Marists of Champagnat, joining Pope Francis in his consideration that ÔÇťwar is never a necessity, nor is it inevitable. It is always a defeat for humanityÔÇŁ, want to make an urgent appeal:

  1. For the immediate cessation of all forms of violence that are taking place in Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, Syria, Haiti… (add other places or situations) and so many other places in the world.
  2. For the open communication and collaboration among all affected by these instances of violence, including both the individuals and groups directly involved, as well as governmental and international entities.
  3. For the free and unfettered flow of humanitarian aid.
  4. To hold accountable those who have committed and are committing crimes of any kind, respecting international law.
  5. To join with those who promote peace and justice even beyond our Marist borders.
  6. To remember and pray for victims of the conflicts that ravage our world.
3. Minute of silence

4. Prayer for Peace (adults)

Mary, Queen of Peace, we greet you, our Good Mother.
You are the mother of those who suffer the horror of war, give us the gift of peace.
Virgin, full of grace, give us a compassionate heart.
Our intercessor, soften the hearts of those who promote violence.
Daughter of the Father, help us to discover that we are all children of the same God.
Mother of the Son, our brother, bring us closer each day to our shared humanity.
Faithful to the Spirit, teach us to entrust to Him the life of those who suffer.
We pray for the boys who live through war.
We pray for the girls who endure violence.
We pray for the adolescents and young people without the hope of future horizons.
We pray for the men and women who want peace.
we pray also for those who are unaware of the meaning of war,
give them a compassionate and merciful heart.
We ask this of you, Queen of Peace.