2022-03-30 GENERAL HOUSE

Declaration of solidarity of the General Conference to the victims of the conflict in Ukraine

X General Conference of the Institute of the Marist Brothers
Rome, 25 March 2022

The General Council and the Provincials and District Leaders of the Institute of the Marist Brothers, representing all the Marist Provinces and Districts, gathered in Rome at the Tenth General Conference (8-25 March) 2022, are deeply saddened and concerned over the war in Ukraine.

We wish to express our solidarity with all the victims of this conflict, particularly the families, children and the elderly, who are suffering the terrible consequences of this armed violence.

We join Pope Francis’ call for an end to this inhumane and sacrilegious war.

We invite all Marists of Champagnat to accompany, wherever possible, the refugees of this conflict, making explicit our call “to walk in the caravans of life”. Let us commit ourselves so that people’s lives and well-being are above any other type of interests or ideologies that generate division and violence.

As educators and evangelizers, we reaffirm our commitment to peace. Amid our responsibilities, we promote the culture of encounter and reconciliation, which promotes the resolution of conflicts based on respect among nations and between peoples.  That is why we also condemn all the other silent wars that exist in our world today.

We raise our prayers for peace and for the cessation of this war.  On this day, March 25, the Solemnity of the Incarnation of the Son of God and of the Annunciation, we implore Mary for her intercession to move consciences and hearts and to bring about the end of all hostilities.

Brother Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, and General Council
Provincials and District Leaders

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